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Sunday, 4 November 2012

New Website - iWeb

I have just re-designed my website in iWeb. For a while I had it redirected to my blog. I had fun and games with Blogger so had to do web forwarding in the end.

I decided just to have it as a landing page with links. I found there never seemed to be the time to update it and I update my Blog, Flickr and Shops regularly so it would be better just to have links to these than an out of date website.

I find iWeb very easy to use. It is very basic but enough for my needs :-) Unfortunately it is no longer supported in OS 10.8 but this hasn't given me any huge headaches - yet!


  1. That seems like the best sanity saving solution. Quite elegant looking too.

    Why is it that whenever something works well and is useful, it stops being supported in the next upgrade...?!

  2. Thank you Ellen. Yep - just when you found something nice and simple that works they decide to pull it. Maybe it will force me to learn skills :-)

  3. Very good looking website, Angela. I will look into creating one also. I really like the way you are using it to link to your blog, shops etc. Very clever!

  4. Thanks Carole. I hardly every updated the other one, at least with the links it goes to pages that are updated regularly.



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